Unalaska South Channel Bridge

West began construction as a subcontractor on the Unalaska South Channel Bridge in Unalaska, Alaska. This project for the Alaska Department of Transportation included the construction of a 700’ long bridge, a major reroute of the approaches, and relocation of water, sewer, communication, and electrical utilities.

South Channel Bridge Unalaska construction

West’s scope included construction of a detour that was paved to allow traffic to safely bypass a major rock cut requiring blasting. West blasted and hauled 64,000 cubic yards of rock and excavated 21,000 cubic yards of unclassified material (silt, gravel, volcanic ash) to a disposal site. That work included rock anchors and rock fall protection fencing. Our scope also included the construction of a building to house a pressure reducing valve system through which all water for the city passes thus reducing the water pressure from over 100 psi to 70 psi. Working closely with our mechanical subcontractor, this was accomplished without disruption to the community. Other components of the water and sewer reroutes included 6”, 12”, 18”, and 24” pipe construction or replacement. West also constructed over 850 lineal feet of storm drains, including 8 manholes.

Other work included constructing approximately 1 mile of roadway for the new approaches and the removal of the previously existing bridge at the site. West completed the cuts and embankment up through the base course. A subcontractor then mobilized to the island and paved the road. West constructed the 600 square yards of sidewalk along the roadway. Other minor items included traffic control, erosion and pollution control, permanent traffic signs, 1,900 lineal feet of guardrail removal, 390 lineal feet of new guardrail, geotextile placement, riprap shore protection, seeding, fire hydrant installation, insulation board installation over shallow utilities, surveying, and apprentice training. The total project revenue earned by West on this subcontract was $8.7 million.