The purpose of this letter is to express CCI's appreciation for West Construction's professional execution and successful completion of the construction of the Port of Umm Qasr Pier and Seawall in Iraq.

... this Open Cell® dock project was completed in the face of difficult conditions which included many mobilization challenges which were completed during Ramadan. The adverse site and soil conditions presented further challenges which ...[West]... addressed successfully in a most professional manner.  These port facilities which included 45 Open Cells®, fender systems, and floating dock were installed with the highest quality workmanship and will serve the Iraqi Navy for many years.

 --- John W. Smithson, V.P. Operations, CCI

West Construction Company, Inc. has been one of our preferred contractors since the company's inception in 1997. We have worked together on a wide variety of projects in locations throughout the world including North and South America, Europe, Middle East and East Asia. We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with West Construction and have found them to be extremely capable, honest, fair, timely and reliable with their work product ... always of the hightest quality.

We have used West Construction on some of our most challenging work including heavy marine construction, large civil works and complex communications facilities. Locations of these projects have included some of thre most remote in the world. In spirte of these challenges, West Construction has always performed admirably. Their ability to overcome logistical challenges and llimited support from the local economy is exceptional.

--Michael Shoemaker, P.E., Vice President, Special Programs, URS Corporation

... I have been the Owner's Representative for the Lynden companies, as well as several private marine projects, [for] all of which West Construction has been my contractor [of] choice.

I have found in West Construction a partner who performs on-time, in budget and [with] superior quality. But even of  greater value an individual and busines Owner who works with my best interest at heart. Integrity and Competence best describe West Construction.

-- Jeanne Miller, Executive Assistant, Lynden Incorporated