Ft. Wainwright Railhead Operations Facility

West completed an $11 million design-build contract with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to construct a railhead operations facility at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. The project required a significant amount of heavy civil construction, including 51.5 acres of clearing and grubbing, excavation of over 200,000 cubic yards of unsuitable material, testing for petroleum contaminated soils, importation and placement of 240,000 tons of embankment and 19,000 tons of sub-base and ballast materials, construction of force protection berms and drainage ditches, installation of culverts and chain link security fencing, as well as installation of the railroad ties, rail, and switch gear. West negotiated bilateral modifications with the USACE to construct an additional 1,150 lineal feet of drainage swale and 3,500 cubic yards of unsuitable excavation, which increased the contract value by $528,500.

Ft. Wainright Railhead construction
Ft. Wainwright Railhead construction